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Qualifications after a Ph.D

Postdoctoral Fellow

The purpose of postdoctoral positions is to earn a scientific qualification after Ph.D. These positions often have no teaching requirements in order for the postdoctoral fellow to have a full focus on research.

Regulations regarding the employment of postdoctoral fellows can be found here (in Norwegian).

Tenure Track

Tenure track is a mean to recruite talented researchers and a contribution for the candidates to qualify as professors. The scheme means that young researchers are employed for a fixed term and if they meet given requirements before the term expires, they can be offered a permanent position. Such requirements may be scientific production, artistic development work, innovation, dissemination, organization and management of research projects, teaching and development of study programs.

Applicants for tenure track positions must normally have defended their thesis within the last five years. The employment takes place in an associate professor position for a term of six years. During the term, the employee is given the opportunity to qualify for permanent employment as a professor. Extensions may be granted for parental leave related (birth or adoption) both in the phase between the Ph.D. and application date, and during the term.

UiT has 25 tenure track positions.

Plan your career

Plan your career

Updated: 10.11.2021, updated by: Majda Sojtaric
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