The Historical Map Collection

The Historical Map Collection Norsk flagg

The University Library owns a large collection of historical maps of the northern regions. The collection includes around 200 maps from the 15th century up to and including the 19th century. A large part of the maps have recently been digitized. Many were printed at the important publishers along the Rhine or in Italy. The oldest map in the collection is Nicolaus Germanus' Tabula Moderna Prussie Livonie Norbegie et Gottie (Modern map of Prussia, Livland, Norway and Götaland), printed in Ulm in 1482. The collection also includes several exquisite works by famous cartographers such as Mercator, Münster, Waghenaer, Ortelius and Blaeu. Contact Andreas Klein for more information about the historical map collection. Click here to go to the University Library's digital map collection.

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