Department of Medical Biology

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The Department of Medical Biology (IMB) focuses research and education on basic mechanisms of cells, tissues and organs important for human health and disease development.

Department of Medical Biology conducts basic research in several areas that contributes to an improved understanding of molecular and cellular biology, and aims to translate the knowledge into development of novel diagnostic tools and treatment strategies. Our broad spectrum of research projects include the study of cellular renovation systems (autophagy), host-microbe interactions, on formation and progression of cancer cells, and on immune, liver and cardiovascular diseases. IMB has a specific task to educate young researchers and various health professionals in biomedicine, providing relevant research-based knowledge and stimulate to innovative and translational activities. We manage high-technology infrastructure platforms on advanced molecular imaging (AMCF), proteomics and metabolomics (PRiME), that are available for both local and national researchers. Our outreach program includes a weekly academic lecture serie (IMB seminar) and an annual research conference (EHRC). Forensic Genetics centre (RGS) and Centre for New Antibacterial Strategies (CANS) are important activities within IMB.

AMCF - Infrastructure for advanced cellular imaging and flow cytometry

PRiME - Proteomics and Metabolomics Core Facility

CANS – Centre for New Antibacterial Strategies

RGS - Centre for Forensic Medicine

Employees at Department of Medical Biology: