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Campus Map Tromsø

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  1. Faculty of Humanities - HUM
  2. Faculty of Law - JUS (Teorifagbygget, Hus 4)
  3. Faculty of Science: - MNF (Realfagbygget) - Physics, Computer sciences, Chemistry,
    Mathematics and Statistics
  4. Faculty of Medicine - DMF and Dep. of Health Science HiTø/ AFH (MH-bygget).
  5. Faculty of Social Sciences - SVF
  6. Norwegian College of Fishery Science - NFH
  7. Administration Building:
    Central Administration (Sadm) incl. Dep. of Research and Academic Affairs, Dep. of Communication and Roald Amundsen Centre for Arctic Research
    Rooms: Styrerom, Hiet og Lille-hiet
  8. Árdna and Joho Niillas goahti/ Nils Jernslettens gamme (Sámi turf hut)
  9. Botanical Garden
  10. Dep. of Arctic Biology (AAB)
  11. Breivangveien 23. Under construction
    Tromsø-undersøkelsen (”Tromsø 6”) tom høsten 2008
  12. Breivika kindergarten (Studentsamskipnaden)
  13. Breivika High School with sports centre
  14. Breiviklia - SVF: Faculty of Social Sciences:
    History, Archaeology, Planning and local community, The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (RHD)
    The Student Counselling Center
  15. Technical department (Sadm)
  16. Pharmacy building: Institute of Pharmacy (MF/IF), RELIS
    CTCC Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
  17. NOFIMA Norwegian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture
  18. Tromsø Research Park:
    NST Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine
    NAFKAM, Norgesuniversitetet (tidl. SOFF), Utdanning.no,
    Kirkelig utdanningssenter i nord (KUN)
  19. Geology tour and construction site for a new Tromsø University Museum
  20. The student sports centre Kraft (Studentsamskipnaden)
  21. Medicine and Health Studies building (MH): DMF, AFH (see also 4.)
    and University library - Dep. of Science, Medicine and Health Science (RMH-library)
  22. Science Building (Naturfagbygget) - MNF: Institutt for biologi (IB) and Institutt for geologi (IG)
  23. Lower Pavillion - SVF: Centre for Peace Studies
  24. Northern Light Planetarium: Nord-norsk vitensenter (Knowledge Center of Northern Norway)
  25. Science Building (Realfagbygget) - MNF (see also 3.)
  26. State Archives
  27. The Student Welfare Organization -
    Adm. in Experimental Science Building (Teorifagbygget), House 2
  28. Dental Building - DMF/TANN: Institute of Clinical Dentistry (IKO)
  29. Non-experimental Science Building (Teorifagbygget) – is diveded into six houses:

    (Non-Experimental Science Building)
  30. Terminalgata 38 (tidl. Breivika senter). Juss-hjelpa
  31. Universet Child Care Centre (Studentsamskipnaden)
  32. University library (UB) med Akademisk Kvarter - book shop (Student Welfare Organisation)
  33. University hospital of Northern Norway - UNN
  34. Upper pavillion:
    Centre for women and gender research (KVINNFORSK), Unions ,
    Student clergyman

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