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All books in the library catalogue that were printed before 1930 are labelled with a special symbol, which means that a digital copy of the book can be requested if indicated by the terms of copyright and condition of the book.

This is done using the eBooks on Demand (EOD) service, a European collaboration in which the University Library at UiT is the first Norwegian member.

Large parts of Norway’s literary heritage are already being digitised by the National Library of Norway, but there are still several thousand titles in the University Library catalogue, including Norwegian and foreign titles, that have not yet been digitised and can now be requested via EOD.

Digitisation is free for UiT students and employees.

How to request an EOD book
Search for the book in Oria. In the "Other resources" menu, you will find a link to EOD requests, where you can launch the request form.

The request process is self-explanatory and available in multiple languages.

The request is submitted to the University Library and if the book is no longer subject to copyright and the physical condition of the book is satisfactory, the digitisation work will commence. The book will be scanned page by page and supplied to you in PDF form, with OCR text recognition where available. The EOD service involves digitisation of the complete work.

Price and delivery
The delivery time is estimated at 1–3 weeks. You will receive an e-mail when the book has been fully digitised and is ready for payment. Payment can be made using credit card and the PDF version will subsequently be available for download.

The price depends on the size of the book (number of pages). EOD digitisation has a starting price of NOK 100 plus NOK 1.50 per page. There will be no charge for employees and students registered using their UiT e-mail address.

Whether the book can be digitised will depend on condition, format and copyright. If the book cannot be digitised, the request will be cancelled and the requester will be notified.

The way in which the EOD service works means that only the initial requester will pay for the digital copy. After approximately one month, the book will be published openly and will be available for anyone to download and use.

The eBooks on Demand network
eBooks on Demand (EOD) is a network that currently consists of nearly 40 libraries from 13 European countries. The aim is to digitise older books from European libraries and make them available in an easy manner.

For enquiries and any questions related to the service, please contact:

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