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Ansatte med arbeidsområde Sosiologi

Bårnes, Vibeke

Academic librarian in sociology, social anthropology and religion
Culture and Social Sciences Library

Lian, Olaug S.

Medical Humanities, forskningsgruppe
Research interests:

Clinical interaction in context: a narrative exploration of 212 naturally occurring GP consultations.

Clinical interaction between patients and doctors is embedded within, positioned and inseparable from social context. In this study, we explore how illness narratives are co-constructed within naturally occurring clinical consultations between doctors and patients. Clinical uncertainty and shared decision-making are emphasised. Although our empirical exploration focuses on in situ consultations between patients and GPs as they unfold,...

Kjæmpenes, Wenche M.

Associate professor in political science
Department of Child Welfare and Social Work
Research interests:

Social policy, professions and professionalization, professional ethics, inter-professional and models for cross-sectoral collaboration.

Organization theory, innovation, kowledge- and industrydevelopment

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration

How public debate have potensial to affect judicial decisions - the Norwegian drug reform

Fedreheim, Gunn Elin

The Barents Institute
Campus Harstad