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Thode, Sunniva Katharina

Senior advisor in science communication and coordinator of the graduate school Photosyntech
Enhet for administrative tjenester BFE

Hansen, Tommy Skum

Webdesign, Graphic design, Photo, Video
Communication Section

Estupinan Sanchez, Oscar Rafael

Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Medical Biology
Works with:
Events Research interests:

Throughout my career, I have always considered the importance of interdisciplinarity in scientific development. For this reason, I have acquired extensive experience in Cancer research, focusing on developing novel therapeutic strategies by applying different fields of knowledge, such as nanomaterials, molecular biology and cellular biology.

I have worked in developing nanocarrier systems for drug delivery, targetting cancer stem cells and characterization of multi-inhibitor antineoplastic agents.

In addition, I want university teaching to be a central pillar of my career, s...