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Ansatte med arbeidsområde Prosjektledelse

Niemi, Anja Roth

Researcher, leader management archaeology
The Arctic University Museum of Norway
Works with:
Project management

Tveito, Aase

Section for Planning and Governance

Eik Anda, Erik

Associate Professor
Department of Community Medicine
Works with:
International cooperation / Courses / Mobility / Project management / Teaching / Academic supervision Research interests:

Perinatal epidemiology, infectious diseases, environmental contaminants

Risan Johnsen, Hanne

Senior adviser
Enhet for administrative tjenester BFE
Works with:
Project management

Solberg, Janne Alfheim

Section for Planning and Governance
Works with:
Project management

das Neves, Carlos Gonçalo

Professor II
Research, Education and Communication Section, Faculty of Health Sciences

Wæhler, Turid Austin

PhD researcher
Department of Language and Culture
Works with:
International cooperation / Project management / Outreach/dissemination / Research school / Research support / Research cooperation / National Institutes of Health (NIH) / North-South programmes and prioritized areas / Collaboration / Web publishing Research interests:

International cooperation, global health, emergency preparedness, health management, resource manangement, Russia and former Soviet Union.


Bentsen, Hanne

Research Administration and Quality Education Section

Mortensen, Gry Hellem

Library branch manager
The University Library of Harstad
Harstad 151

Höper, Anje Christina

Researcher / Research group leader
Arbeidshelse, forskningsgruppe
Works with:
Project management Research interests:

Occupational and environmental medicine.

Different exposures at the workplace (cold, marine raw materials, nanoparticles, vibrations), workplace inclusion, health-promoting measures at the workplace.

Air quality and health


Gotliebsen, Melissa

Student Recruitment, Marketing and Graphical Services Section