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Ansatte med arbeidsområde Ph.d.

Bogstrand, Lena Cecilie

Enhet for administrative tjenester HSL
Works with:
Cristin / Research support / PhD

Anda, Nina Norum

Administrative Coordinator for the PhD programmes
Research Administration and Quality Education Section

Lagesen, Kristin

Assistant head of section
Research, Education and Communication Section UMAK
Musikkonservatoriet og Kunstakademiet

Ravuri, Chandra Sekhar

Senior Lab Engineer
Department of Arctic and Marine Biology
Works with:
Laboratory safety / PhD

Berg, Lars Martin

Associate professor 2 / Gerodontology
Department of Clinical Dentistry
Works with:
PhD Research interests:

Sleep-related breathing disorders, gerodontology, clinical research and The Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT).

Klein, Andreas

Senior academic librarian / Subject librarian for History, Archaeology, General Literature, English, and Classical Studies
Library Services
Works with:
Older collections / Archives / Library guidance / Library / Information literacy / In-active archives / PhD / Open Access / Oria / Research support / Digitisation Research interests:

book and library history, rare books and special collections, early modernity, history of science

Ramberg, Margit

legal adviser
Research Administration and Quality Education Section

Hansen, Poul Henning Gustaf

Senior Academic Librarian
Culture and Social Sciences Library
Works with:
Archives / Older collections / Library / PhD / Information literacy / Loan / User support / Digitisation / Open Access / In-active archives / Literature search / Research support / Research data management Research interests:

History of books, Library History, History of reading, 19th century history, Literacy, Democratisation processes, Media consumption, Sociology of Literature, Digital Humanities etc. 

Sohail, Umer

Department of Electrical Engineering
Works with:
PhD / Energy

Chan, Dennis Tin Chat

PhD Student
The Norwegian College of Fishery Science
Works with:

Rochat, Eloise Coralie

PhD Student
Department of Arctic and Marine Biology
Works with:
PhD Research interests: