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Ansatte med arbeidsområde Brukerstøtte

Løkse, Mariann Cecilie

Head of Department, Library Services
Culture and Social Sciences Library

Arnesen, Jan Vidar

Section for Digital Platform and Operation

Nilsen, Frode

Library Collections
Works with:
Library / User support / Statistics

Frantsvåg, Jan Erik

Open Access adviser
Psychology and Law Library
Works with:
User support / Open Access / International cooperation Research interests:

Open access publishing, open access publishing business models, conditions enabling authors to choose open access, publication funds

Askheimer, Maria Ulrika

Library Collections
UB 2.etg.

Aspaas, Per Pippin

Head of library research and publishing support
Psychology and Law Library
Works with:
Library / Library guidance / Classification / Literature search / User support / In-active archives / Research support / Open Access Research interests:

History of science and intellectual history, predominantly various branches of science and learning in early-modern Europe

The use of Latin in various contexts from antiquity to the present

Editorial philology

Hansen, Tommy Skum

Webdesign, Graphic design, Photo, Video
Communication Section

Grenersen, Sivert Martin Myrvang

Research, Education and Communication Section Jurfak

Langseth, Kjell-Roald

REK-portalen for Regionale komitéer for medisinsk og helsefaglig forskningsetikk (
Name not translated

Hansen, Poul Henning Gustaf

Senior Academic Librarian
Culture and Social Sciences Library
Works with:
Archives / Older collections / Library / PhD / Information literacy / Loan / User support / Digitisation / Open Access / In-active archives / Literature search / Research support / Research data management Research interests:

History of books, Library History, History of reading, 19th century history, Literacy, Democratisation processes, Media consumption, Sociology of Literature, Digital Humanities etc.