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Ansatte med arbeidsområde Veiledning

Overvåg, Grete

Head Librarian, responsible for the Health sciences
Science and Health Library

Anda, Erik Eik

Department of Community Medicine
Works with:
International cooperation / Courses / Mobility / Project management / Teaching / Academic supervision Research interests:

Perinatal epidemiology, infectious diseases, environmental contaminants

Johnsen, Jan-Are Kolset

Deputy Head for Research / Associate Professor
Department of Clinical Dentistry
Works with:
Statistics / Teaching / Academic supervision Research interests:

Dental anxiety/fear, health communication, social cognition

das Neves, Carlos Gonçalo

Professor II
Research, Education and Communication Section, Faculty of Health Sciences

Eckhoff, Christian

PhD Peadriatic Resarch Group
Department of Clinical Medicine
Works with:
Research group / Programme descriptions / Quality of education / Courses / Research data management / Training / Statistics / Teaching / Academic supervision / Annual plan / Feature articles / Research communication / Clinic Research interests:

Mental health in youth and young adults. 

Mental health - public health and epidemiologi.

Psychosomatic research.

Pain and mental health.

Furu, Rigmor

Senter for helsefaglig pedagogisk utvikling
MH2 U11.345

Vordal, Thomas

Assistant Professor
Department of Tourism & Northern Studies

Kjærvik, Cato

Department of Clinical Medicine

Estensen, Torstein Hole

Lærerut. og pedagogikk campus Alta

Schille-Rognmo, Marthe

Assistant professor and phd-candidate IHO Narvik
Nursing and Further Education in Narvik
Works with:
Evaluation / Teaching / Academic supervision / Purchasing / Purchaser Research interests:

STS, Ungdata, Knowledge production, Psychometrics, Mental health 

Persen, Tone Iselin

Student Recruitment, Marketing and Graphical Services Section

Westad, Christina

Digital Partner, Advisor in learning-enhancing technology
Senter for helsefaglig pedagogisk utvikling