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Bårnes, Vibeke

Academic librarian in sociology, social anthropology and religion
Culture and Social Sciences Library

Løkse, Mariann Cecilie

Head of Department, Library Services
Culture and Social Sciences Library

Sundsvold, Bente

Associate Professor
Department of Social Sciences
Works with:
Teaching Research interests:

Domestication, relationbuilding between man-bird-environment, enactment of culture- and nature-relations, marine and coastal management, visual anthropology, science studies, ecosystem services

Researcher COREPLAN – Integrated coastal resource management and planning – ecosystem services and coastal governance Lead: NOFIMA Ann Magnhild Solås, post doc position linked to 3 WPs. 2016-2018

PhD- fellow The Nordland birdcare – interfaces of texts and practices in inscribing the Vega Archipelago as World Heritage, Thesis & film: “To think like a b...

Berg, Kristel

Head engineer
The Norwegian College of Fishery Science
Works with:

Andreassen, Helene N.

Head of Library Teaching and Learning Support
Culture and Social Sciences Library
Works with:
Library / Teaching / Information literacy / Academic honesty / Research data management / Research support / Literature search / Plagiarism Research interests:

French phonology, phonological variation, acquisition of phonology

Anda, Erik Eik

Professor in global health and epidemiology
Department of Community Medicine
Works with:
International cooperation / Courses / Mobility / Project management / Teaching / Academic supervision Research interests:

Perinatal epidemiology, health registries, infectious diseases, environmental contaminants and global health

Woldeselassie, Zerihun

Associate professor
Centre for Peace Studies (CPS)
Works with:

Madsen, Siri Sollied

Professor in Pedagogy
Department of Education
ILP 5018

Johnsen, Jan-Are Kolset

Professor / Deputy Head for Research
Department of Clinical Dentistry
Works with:
Statistics / Teaching / Academic supervision Research interests:

Dental anxiety/fear, health communication, social cognition

das Neves, Carlos Gonçalo

Professor II
Research, Education and Communication Section, Faculty of Health Sciences

Moldes-Anaya, Angel Salvador

Associate Professor II
Department of Chemistry
Works with:
Teaching / Radiation protection / Isotopes / Chromatorgraphy / MicroCT scanning / MicroPET scanning / Radioactivity Research interests:

Radio- and Nuclear Chemistry (Use of specific radiotracers for imaging brain function by PET and SPECT technologies)

C-11 and F-18 Radiochemistry


Neuropharmacology and neurotoxicology

Neuroimaging (SPECT/PET/CT and PET/MR)

PET tracer pharmacokinetics




Jokstad, Asbjørn

Professor, Oral Prosthetics and Stomatognathic Function
Department of Clinical Dentistry
Works with:
Continuing and further education / Teaching / Journals Research interests:

Active within evidence-based dentistry/medicine/practice since 1995. Works in oral prosthetics, masticatory function and TMD, and dental implants. Authored approx. 250 works and gheld courses with focus on evidence-based dentistry, prosthodontics, dental restorative materials, toxicology, temporomandibular dysfunction and implant dentistry.

Eckhoff, Christian

PhD Peadriatic Resarch Group
Department of Clinical Medicine
Works with:
Research group / Programme descriptions / Quality of education / Courses / Research data management / Training / Statistics / Teaching / Academic supervision / Annual plan / Feature articles / Research communication / Clinic Research interests:

Mental health in youth and young adults. 

Mental health - public health and epidemiologi.

Psychosomatic research.

Pain and mental health.

Vordal, Thomas

Assistant Professor
Department of Tourism & Northern Studies

Hopmann, Karen

Assistant professor/ PhD candidate
Department of Psychology
Works with:
Training / Teaching Research interests:

1) Neuropsychological function, childhood trauma and vulnerability to depression - A 25-year follow-up study (PhD candidate)

2) ADHD in women (FemmExD project): Mental health and neuropsychological functioning in women with ADHD (collaborator)

3) Suicide prevention (Vivat coursleader + supervision students' theses)


Kjærvik, Cato

Department of Clinical Medicine

Schille-Rognmo, Marthe

Assistant professor and phd-candidate IHO Narvik
Nursing and Further Education in Narvik
Works with:
Evaluation / Teaching / Academic supervision / Purchasing / Purchaser Research interests:

STS, Ungdata, Knowledge production, Psychometrics, Mental health 

Dahl, Christen Peder

Department of Clinical Medicine
Works with:

Wahl, Haakon

Department of Clinical Medicine
Works with:

Barge, Bente S.

PHD Candidate, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Hylleraas Centre for Quantum Molecular Sciences
Department of Chemistry

Odei, Derrick Kwame

Head technician/ Institute for Arctic and Marine Biology/AMSE research group
Department of Arctic and Marine Biology

Lind, Eirik Gjessing

Seksjon for læringsmiljø og utdanningskvalitet
Administrasjonsbygget B335

Works with:
Consultancy / Teaching Research interests:

There are three broad questions related to scientific knowledge that intrigue me:

What is scientific knowledge and how is it attained? Can it be attained?

How is scientific knowledge best taught in higher education?

What role does scientific knowledge play in western society, for example in relation to politics?

To answer these questions I draw on insights from disparate disciplines such as philosophy of science, psychology and sociology of knowledge, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.